Richard’s coaching philosophy is born out of his world wide journey of education. Combining the knowledge of equipment technology and the behavioral science behind human movement, he is able to clarify the most efficient way to play the game.

A good golf swing is a well organised movement, meaning each part of your body plays an integral role towards the outcome of your perfect golf swing. By screening the behavior of each and every player, we are first able to assess the potential of what your body can do. This creates the boundaries and framework to which your individual golf swing can be built. This approach also highlights any issues in your body, meaning when necessary, we can run a parallel fitness and conditioning programme to speed up the process of success.

We see there is a high rate of common injuries across all levels in golf today, from novice to the very sad story of Tiger woods. Through our journey of discovery we can now confirm that a large portion of this injury can be blamed on the coaching industry itself. In the past pictures and images were the foundation of coaching knowledge, working with a ‘spot the difference’ approach coaches may be asking students to do things their bodies simply can not do, leading to poor performance and possible injury. we also believe video analysis has further compounded this issue.

By understanding how the human body moves we can finally put some clarity to why a golf swing looks like it does.

As a result, we are now out to challenge the coaching text book, debunking common myths and proving beyond any doubt that :-

Your body or hips does not create power in a golf swing

Your grip pressure should not be loose

Tension and muscle stretch does not lead to power

These are just some examples of the misleading perceptions and how some coaching models contribute to the lack of progress and the high level of injury in the sport


I want to question…

How have we gone from a golf swing that use to look like this… To be working with coaching techniques such as this???


image                                                                   image


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